Maximize Data Utility.
Protect Individual Privacy.

Kingwood’s experts have been trusted to provide data analysis and independent HIPAA expert determination for many companies, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to small startups.

I recommend Kingwood for any data-related role, especially de-identification and HIPAA obligations. They were an incredible asset to our team.

Our Services

HIPAA Expert Determination

Navigate the intricacies of HIPAA compliance with our expert determination services. We specialize in assessing health data for HIPAA-compliant de-identification, ensuring your data use adheres to legal standards while maintaining its utility for research and analysis.

Differential Privacy Consulting

Embrace the future of data privacy with our differential privacy consulting services. We provide expert guidance on integrating differential privacy techniques into your data processes, ensuring robust privacy protection while preserving data accuracy and usefulness.

Statistical Data Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your data with our statistical data analysis services. Our team of experts employs advanced statistical methods to extract meaningful insights from your data, aiding in informed decision-making and strategic planning across diverse applications.


Maximize Data Utility.
Protect Individual Privacy.

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